Recycling Plant For PMD, Willebroek, Belgium

In 2012 Indaver‘s PMD-sorting plant in Willebroek was completely renewed. The task of the project team was to increase both capacity and efficiency of the existing installation. The downtime during the construction phase was very limited; nevertheless, the restart of the revamped plant was according to schedule.

HTP provided Indaver  with engineering support throughout all planning stages up to the acceptance tests. Furthermore, HTP supported Indaver with operational optimization.


Capacity: 10 t/h


Location: Willebroek / Antwerp



  • dosing
  • classification
  • air shifting
  • metal separation
  • automatic picking steps
  • manual product inspection
  • products according specification of Fost Plus


  • metals (FE and non ferrous)
  • tetra
  • color sorted PET (clear, blue, green)rigid plastics PE and PP

Company: Indaver

plant overview

conveyors feeding NIR units