PMD Recycling Plant, Porta Westfalica

The Toensmeier PMD-sorting plant represents the latest technical innovation in terms of dry-sorting of packaging waste. The screening stages divide the material into equal volumetric loads on the sorting lines equipped with fully automatic sorting and post cleaning stages using NIR technology.

HTP was commissioned to do the overall planning and the project management. 


Capacity: 80,000 t/a lightweight-packages (PMD)


Location: Porta Westfalica (Germany)



    • Dosing units for plant feeding and bag opening
    • Screening stages by drum screens up to 3,6m in diameter
    • separation of the polymer classes PET, PE, PP and PS in NIR cascades
    • maximum yield by integration of NIR-scavenger
    • high efficiency and reliability by robust design
    • product control of all polymer classes

Company:   Tönsmeier Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG,
                 Porta Westfalica

lights separator

plant overview