Waste treatment plant RegAb A.R.T., Mertesdorf


RegAb A.R.T., together with its subsidiary RegEnt, operates a mechanical-biological drying plant for residual waste using the Herhof process at the depot in Mertesdorf. The dried residual waste is used as RDF.

In a VOB process during the period 2013 to 2016 the plant was expanded to include a powerful metal separation. The project was subdivided into three lots:

  • Metal separation plant
  • Dedusting system
  • CE certification

HTP was commissioned to provide the engineering work in accordance with the HOAI - all performance phases - for the expansion of the processing plant for all three lots.


Capacity: 120,000 t/a


Location: Mertesdorf


Design: Mechanical-biological residual waste treatment plant according to the Herhof process

  • Biological drying in rotting boxes
  • Fe-separation in two lines
  • NE-separation with eddy-currents in two lines
  • Loading of dried RDF
  • De-dusting system for air cleaning


  • Fe-Metals
  • NE-Metals
  • Dry stabilate as RDF

Company: RegAb A.R.T.

Installation work in inventory

Installation of the eddy-currents