MBT Lobbe, Es MilÀ (Spain)

The company LOBBE Serveis del Garraf is co-operator of a sorting plant for mixed household waste in Es Milà on the island Menorca in Spain. At this plant the total amount of mixed household waste from the island (ca. 50,000 tons per year) is disposed of. 

For an upcoming tender for a new mixed household waste disposal contract HTP is charged with the basic engineering of an MBT facility. High requirements have been laid down regarding the product quality and recovery rates. Most importantly, a high level of flexibility in the treatment and production process is required.


Plant type:           MBT


Location:              Es Milà Menorca/Spain


Service Range:


Refurbishing of MBT-facility to sort different plastic types, metals, RDF and paper

 3D Design new facility

 bird’s-eye view of site