Sortec Integrated Recycling Facility, Hannover


Based on a process developed by HTP and the RWTH and the experience gained by operating a pilot plant (300kg/h),  an industrial scale production facility was built.

DSD, together with its related technology company Systec, built the facility together with Noris, situated in Hannover, and made it part of the World Exposition 2000.

HTP’s task was to take over the complete engineering service – from first design drawings tooperation optimisation. The project was subdivided into 20 lots due to the completely new process design.

Several process stages and machines were specially designed, tailored to the specific requirements of this process.


Capacity: 25,000 t/a


Design: Dry pre treatment

  • classification
  • air shifting
  • metal separation
  • automatic picking steps

Washing (Pulper)

Density separation in centrifuges

Production of resigns and agglomerate



  • metals (FE and non ferrous)
  • tetra
  • PET
  • Regranulated PE and PP
  • Regranulated Plastic Film (PE)



Company: Sortec (DSD)

Feed hopper extrusion

 Inside a Flottweg centrifuge