Recycling Plant For C&I Waste And Bulky Waste, Hamburg

HTP was the overall planner during the construction of the recycling plant for C&I waste and bulky waste in Hamburg. The recycling plant has a processing capacity of 500 t/d. Delivery, multi-level preparation, product storage and products loading are located in the big hall complex (approx. 8,500 m²). Process aim is the separation of marketable materials and the production of quality-secured refuse derived fuels (RDF).

The treatment process includes manually sorting products in the course material/particle stream, the automatic production of further material contingents as well as the automatic jamming material separation (PVC) for the various possible RDF products. During conception and realisation the maximum flexibility was a main issue in the configuration possibilities of the sorting steps in order to be able to react to changing requirements in the product sector.


Capacity:         25 t/a


Location:         Hamburg



      • pre-shredding
      • classification
      • air shifting
      • metal separation
      • automatic picking steps
      • manual product controlling
      • ready-made products


      • refuse derived fuels (RDF)
      • metals
      • wood
      • paper

Area:               ca. 8,500 m² (plant floor)


Company:        Veolia Umweltservice Nord-West GmbH


Principal:         SULO Nord-West GmbH & Co. KG


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