IBA treatment plant (wet process) phase II, Doel, Belgium


  • Upgrade of „Metal street“ at IBA plant in Doel
    • Interaction of crushing and screening steps in line
    • Integration of non-ferrous metals separation in line
  • Optimization water circuits
    • Conceptual engineering regarding optimization strategies
    • Implementation of innovative process steps, e.g. jigging



Capacity: 80 t/h or 100,000 t/a


Input: Bottom ash


Type: Wet treatment of bottom ash


Output: Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals, granulates, sand, sludge


Company: Indaver NV, Belgium



Ordered Services:

  1. Engineering services: test runs and basic engineering phase
  2. Deal making: preparation of tender book, evaluation of bids, contract award recommendation
  3. Implementation: detailed engineering, supervision of construction, performance tests