IBA treatment plant (wet process) phase I, Doel, Belgium


  • Research study to improve the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) process in general
  • Elaboration of a conceptual engineering solution for the Indaver plant in Doel
    • Assessment of reports, projects and research done by Indaver
    • Preparation and execution of initial tests
    • Developing a strategic project plan – short-,mid- and long term actions


Capacity:  80 t/h or 100,000 t/a


Input:  Bottom ash


Type:  Wet treatment of bottom ash


Output:  Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals, granulates, sand, sludge


Company:  Indaver NV, Belgium



Results - Engineering solutions for:

TOP 1:  improved metal separation – aim: high quality product for concrete production

TOP 2:  reuse of inert slag components in different applications

TOP 3:  cleaning of sand fraction

TOP 4:  improvement of wash process