PMD Recycling Plant, Berlin

The collected waste mixture is automatically sorted by the individual processing steps in up to 17 independent fractions. Nearly all fractions are transported to a central sorting cabin. A visual inspection and, if necessary, manual after-sorting take place there.

The products are pressed into bales to improve transportability.

HTP was assigned the overall planning in all project phases up to approval of the plant.

In greater Berlin the separate collection of light-weight-packaging wastes (PMD) takes place in curbside bags and large capacity containers. The delivery of about 300 t/d is accomplished directly by each of the collecting vehicles. The recycling plant is operated in three shifts on about 250 d/a.

The available capability of the plant amounts to 12-17 t/h.


Capacity:         15 t/h


Design:            separation of material by

      • classification
      • air shifting
      • metal separation
      • automatic picking steps
      • manual product controlling
      • ready-made products


      • film
      • ferrous metals
      • non-ferrous metals
      • beverage cartons
      • PP, PE, PET, PS-plastics
      • mixed plastics
      • paper, board, cardboard
      • electronic scrap
      • RDF products

Area:                about 4,000 m² (plant floor)


Company:        ALBA Recycling GmbH

Air classifier in coarse and medium particles

Automatic separation of beverage cartons 

and non ferrous metals