Mechanical-Physical-Stabilization Plant (MPS), Berlin-Pankow

The MPS-plant was optimized by an enclosing reconstruction and amplification concept.

The existing mechanical pre-treatment was disassembled except for the coarse classification and the secondary shredder and rebuilt according to the reconstruction and amplification concept respectively.

The overall planning and the construction management during the reconstruction phase was done by HTP.


Capacity:  35 t/h


Location:  Berlin - Pankow


Design: mechanical pre-treatment of solid and C&I wastes for the following drying and packing to refuse derived fuels (RDF) through the following processing steps:

  • Screening by drum screens
  • air shifting
  • metal separation
  • feeding of plastics and paper into the light-weight-stream by using the NIR separator
  • automatic separation of PVC
  • shredding

Area: approx. 900 m² (plant floor for mechanical pre-treatment) or about 3,500 m² total hall space


Company: mps Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH


Principal: ALBA 2 Energy GmbH

Eddy current separator

Overhead magnetic separator and automatic picking step