Waste Paper Recycling Plant, Berlin

The collected waste mixture is automatically sorted by the individual processing steps in up to 3 independent fractions. The deinking fraction is transported to a central cabin. A visual inspection and, if necessary, manual after-sorting takes place there. The cardboard and deinking product can be loaded loosely or pressed into bales to improve transportability.

HTP was assigned the overall planning in all project phases up to approval of the plant.


Capacity:        15 – 20  t/h



      • dosage
      • classification
      • cardboard separation in coarse-particle-stream
      • automatic picking steps
      • manual product controlling
      • ready-made products


      • mixed papers (B12 / 1.02)
      • cardboard (B19 / 1.04)
      • deinking (D39 / 1.11)

Area:                about 1,500 m² (plant floor)


Company:         ALBA Recycling GmbH

First classification step (disc screen)

Sorting lines to second classification step with residual conveyor belts